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Quit Smoking


    • Zero side effects
    • Drug-free
    • Pain-free
    • No lasers
    • No patches
    • No withdrawal
    • No headaches
    • No cravings
    • No weight gain
    • No irritability
    • Breath easier
    • Restored energy
    • Smell great again
    • Add years to your life
  • Save thousands of dollars

Want to quit smoking for the rest of your life?

Want to quit smoking for the rest of your life? Tired of the Patches, the Gum and all the other methods that don’t work? Here at Fayetteville Hypnotherapy we understand the difficulty it takes to quit smoking.

We have helped over 4,000 people just like you to quit smoking for life. We have a 95% success rate! It’s why we offer a lifetime quit smoking Guarantee. If at any time you as much as take a drag, puff or draw on another cigarette we will re-hypnotize you completely free of charge for life.

The reason we offer this lifetime guarantee is because our success rate is so high. We appreciate that if you could have quit smoking by now you would have. We also understand how difficult it is to quit one of the most powerful habits know to human kind. Smoking!

We also understand that the issue lies not with your will power or your conscious mind but rather with your subconscious mind. If it didn’t you would have already quit by now. To quit smoking would require a greater will than the habit holds over your mind. In fact its much worse than that, if you have smoking as a habit it resides in your subconscious and the subconscious mind is a super computer that is far more powerful than the conscious mind.

For most smokers that can’t quit the principle issue is that the conscious mind and subconscious mind are not on the same page.

The conscious minds says “I don’t want to smoke” but the subconscious mind says “I smoke I feel good, smoking’s good” or some form of that dialog. The principle issue is resolving this conflict and guess where you have to go to resolve it? That’s right you have to deal with the subconscious mind because when the conscious mind which can focus on a few things at a time goes up against the super computer of the subconscious mind guess who wins? The subconscious and guess who’s still a smoker?

That’s why here are Fayetteville Hypnotherapy we go directly to the root of the conflict – the subconscious mind. We resolve the conflict at its source. That is exactly what the patch, the gum and all those other methods fail to address, the root of the problem. It’s also why the placebo is more effective in getting you to quit smoking then all those methods.

None of them are higher than 20% effectiveness. Going straight to the heart of the issue is also why we have a 95% success rate. Quitting smoking without dealing with the subconscious mind is incredible difficult and a struggle.  It’s painful, frustrating and a long process. With our method you walk in a smoker and walk out two hours later a non-smoke. Just like you before you ever smoked. No withdrawal, no cravings and no side effects. It’s easy and simple.

Hypnotherapy is a incredible tool with the highest success rate for people who wish to quit smoking in Fayetteville. Our program is designed to have the following benefits:

    • Drug Free
    • Zero side effects
    • No Withdrawal
  • No Patches
    • Drug Free
    • Zero side effects
    • No Withdrawal
  • No Patches
    • No Lasers
    • Add years to your life
    • You won’t gain weight
  • You won’t be irritable
    • Breath easier
    • Restored energy
    • Smell great again
  • Feel Renewed and Reenergized
How hypnosis can help you stop smoking

Quitting smoking is the single most crucial thing you can do to improve your health. That’s a fact!

We will have you stop Smoking in just one Session, Guaranteed!

Join thousands of smokers who have come through this program and have stopped smoking in one session.  The process we have developed is the most effective, and has tripled the success rate of expensive patches pills & gums.

The difference?  We combine the most advanced hypnosis techniques with a new ground breaking neurological process to address the problem in the mind, where the habits and cravings are stored, to eliminate them completely once and for all.

Want To Transform Your Life?


It’s Time to Break Free of Cigarette Smoking and Get Your Life Back and Quit Smoking Toronto is here to help you do it!

Your brain is governed by two facets that help make up the core of who you are and how you behave: your conscious and your subconscious (sometimes called your unconscious mind or self). Consciously, you have decided you don’t want to be a smoker. You understand it causes severe disease and premature death.

You understand it stains your teeth and fingers, that it gives you bad breath, that it dulls your sense of smell and taste.  It also creates a perpetual odour that accompanies the habit. The money you spend with every pack is thousands of dollars that would benefit your life in countless ways if you spent it on more practical items for your life.

Unfortunately, for you, your subconscious holds ideas and beliefs that feel like they are outside your control but this is absolutely not true. And it is these thought patterns that perpetuate your desire to smoke and keep you in the cycle of addiction.

The major issue with this battle between your conscious thoughts and your sub conscious mind is that the subconscious mind will win the battle for behavior. The conscious mind is wired through evolution to lose this battle when the two conflict. Whenever there’s a conflict between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind almost always wins.

This is why our emotional reactions in life almost always wins over our logical mind in so many ways.  Emotion is more compelling than logic even when we think we are being logical really our subconscious emotions are just convincing our conscious mind that our position is logical. That’s why others often disagree with us when faced with the same logic.

That’s why we have to change your subconscious mind, you’re emotional attachments to cigarettes is buried in your subconscious mind and your attachment to them is an emotional one not a logical one.

When someone goes through physical withdrawal the symptoms last on average seven to ten days. Often you will hear from the chemical quit smoking companies that are there to sell you a pharmaceutical product that if you go without a cigarette for a week, your cravings should be gone forever.

Their business is built on the 30% success rate and the fact you will try to quit smoking on average 11 times. That’s a single smoker buying and purchasing their chemical product 11 times in their life over a period of 20 years. That’s a great customer! Of course, the reality is that it doesn’t work very well, it works on the principle that the solution is outside of you and a pill or patch is all you need, you can be cured with a chemical.

The entire pharma industry works based on this thinking and at times the science backs it up. Just not with smoking because addiction is a matter of the subconscious mind. This is why to this day our countries drug addiction problems are greater than they have ever been in human history even though pharmaceutical companies are larger and more influential than ever.

Hypnotherapy understands that your smoking is due to thought process and experiences deeply rooted in your subconscious mind. Fayetteville Hypnotherapy’s method specifically targets your subconscious mind to free you from your dependence on your addiction.

You have hard wired into your mind the innate ability to become a non-smoker, cravings free and hypnotherapy is the tool you need to meet your goal of living a smoke free life!

Fayetteville Hypnotherapy’s Sessions Pay for Themselves

On average you spend $4,000 per year on your addiction to cigarettes.This means all the money you save after our stop smoking program goesdirectly back into your bank account.

This investment in yourself will not only greatly improve the quality of your life but it will save you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your life. That is money you can use to go on a Caribbean vacation every summer for the rest of your life. You can choose an affordable stop-smoking program that will dramatically improve your health and one with a proven track record of success, in fact, our track record is far better than any other form of stop smoking program.

Call us immediately consider it your first step towards saying goodbye to your smoking habit.

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