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Weight Loss 2

The "Secret" To Weight Loss For Life!

Discover What You Need To Know About Losing Weight And How To Finally Be Thin For Life...

The Benefits Of The Program Are Described On The Home Page, This Is A Description Of What’s Included In Your Program

Your Program Uses A Very Powerful Weight Loss Method Called


We Use 3 Different Ways To Attack Weight Loss As All Other Models Only Use A Single Way

No Diet, No Hunger Pains, No Constant Thinking About Food!

It's EASY!

We Use The Following 3 Methods:

#1 For Your Conscious Mind

#2 Treating It Like An Addiction/Habit

#3 For Your Unconscious Mind

Why Use Only 1 Method To Lose Weight? All Other Weight Loss Programs Only Attack It From 1 Part Of Who You Are! But Your A Whole Person So We Treat You That Way - As If You Were A Whole Person

Your Program Includes Five Sections:

Section #1
(4 - eBooks)

Your Step By Step Guide To The Program:

This eBook goes over everything you need to know about how to successfully lose the weight and keep it off. It leaves no stone unturned. You will understand exactly what you need to do to be successful. 

80-20 Meal Planning:

The key to weight loss is planning. Planning on how to eat so you lose weight and keep it off for good.  This eBook explains everything you need to know from how to shop to how to plan meals. It includes a recipe on how to eat for the rest of your life so you never gain weight back again.  There are examples of meals, how to implement portion control techniques and how to put it all together so you lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life!

Crush Food Cravings! Tips, Tricks & Hacks:

There are actually things you can do to beat unhealthy food cravings to make sure you don’t sabotage your weight loss journey.  We go into great detail how to control food and drink cravings, how to actually change you behavior to keep yourself motivated on remain focused on the program and your weight loss journey, S.O.S. tools you can implement when it gets hard, how to program your mind for weight loss success and what life style changes you will need to make.

3 Cheat Sheets For Success:

 In this eBook we give you practical solutions to weight loss.  We cover exactly which non alcoholic drinks that help weight loss, which alcoholic drinks help weight loss, healthy deserts that will support you in your weight loss journey, plus a whole host of tips that you can use to consume better foods and drinks that will help you get the weight off and keep it off for life!

Section #2
(Audio Hypnosis)

Intro & S.O.S. Hypnosis:

In this session we walk you through how to custom make your own hypnosis session for your particular needs. This is very important as everyone over eats for their own unique reason. Also we fail and lose motivation for unique reasons so we need to understand how to tailor make our own self hypnosis sessions for our very own personal needs.

Fat Free Motivation Hypnosis:

A strong motivation is essential to any successful weight loss program and this will get you up and out of bed and ready to take on the day and keep those pounds dropping off your body. This is designed to keep you motivated and keep you going. Want to watch a weight loss program fail? look for a program that is not designed to motivate you and to keep you motivated. 

Head Strong Against Fat Hypnosis:

All weight loss programs need to have a component that keeps your mind not only focused on weight loss but STRONG! against it. This is because we are motivated by both attraction and repulsion. This is the repulsion part. To be successful we have to, do both attraction and repulsion. Likely you are dominate in one but  if you are going to get the  weight off  and keep it off you will require both. 

Successful Habits For Weight Loss Hypnosis:

Positive momentum is key to any success in life and this is very true for weight loss. The key in keeping it off is developing good habits and getting rid of bad ones. This session will allow you to start to turn your bad habits into good ones. Without changing our habits we will ALWAYS go back to our bad ones that kept us fat!

Supreme Self Esteem Hypnosis:

 If you have all the good habits and high confidence but your self esteem is low, guess what happens? You will fail. You need more than just good habits and confidence you need something deeper and more permanent – high self esteem. This session will instill that in you so that you become a weight loss machine!

Section #3
Craving & Portion Control Techniques

Video Course On Push Style:

Push style portion control techniques are all about motivating you to lose weight by pulling you towards a goal or pushing you away from an unwanted behavior. Push is all about creating repulsion, its about moving away from something you don’t want. All humans are motivated by Push as well as Pull. That is why its an integral part of any successful weight loss program. You will learn 5 different techniques: 1) Mirror – Mirror 2) Photo Phobia 3) Warning Signs 4) Fat Pattern interrupter and 5) Fat Observations.

Video Course On Pull Style:

Pull style portion control techniques are all about motivating you towards losing weight. Motivating your desire to go towards a goal.  Pull is all about creating attraction towards more of what you want in your life. All humans are motivated by Pull as well as Push. That is why both are integral part of any successful weight loss program. You will learn 5 different techniques:  1) Outfit Tried On Before Eating 2) Instant Food Fix 3) Stop, Look & Listen 4) Sex Yourself Slim and 5) Fat Observations.

Section #4
Daily Videos

Daily Video's:

 In this section I will post actually real life videos of my daily journey through this very same program. I never build a program that I myself did not need or do. When I pulled my old program down and redid it based on modern neuro science and modern psychology, I made sure I did my program myself before going live.  Even though I already had a very successful weight loss program. I always strive to make my programs the best out there. I do that by staying on top of the current science in weight loss and going back and making changes and really turning up the power of my programs. I always do the program myself to ensure no detail is missed and to make sure it works better. Improvement is a continual process of change. Theses daily videos are a day by day snap shot of my journey doing my own weight loss for life program. 

Shopping Video:

In this video I explain and teach you exactly what you need to do to change how you shop. This is because your weight will be directly effected by what you put in our grocery cart. You get an inside look at exactly what I bought item by item.

Section #5
How To Cook Low Fat & Healthy Meals

Cooking Videos:

There has always been one aspect of healthy eating that almost no one considers. Why do we love unhealthy food. Is it because of the sugar? The salt? or perhaps its I just love carbohydrates? The truth is all these things do taste good. But why do some people fall in love with unhealthy foods and others do not? You will often hear its because sugar is so addictive or salt is more addictive then cocaine. It is true that these are addictive substances but its not what keeps us fat. We all know people who eat like this and don’t gain a pound. It is a complex dance of habit, addiction and genetics. The good news is the habit and addiction can be dealt with. That is the whole point of The “Secret” To Weight Loss For Life! The “unspoken reason” is a secret that nobody ever talks about. It is the simple fact according to science that people who have high sugar and high salt diets almost always grew up in a home where the parents did not understand how to cook healthy foods that taste good. Chances are your own parents served you mushy, soft vegetables as a child. Children that grow up with good eating habits almost always had someone in the house that knew how to cook healthy food so it tasted delicious. In this section we show you exactly step by step how to make healthy food taste better than the unhealthy food you are used to eating. It will change your life! 

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"The Secret" To Weight Loss For Life Full Online Program!

This is a Full 10 Video Course teaching you everything you need to know about why quitting smoking is so hard. You will learn all about the Addiction and Habit of smoking. You will learn the neuroscience behind how your brain works on cigarettes and what the real secret is to quitting smoking. The course also covers in detail the science behind stress smoking and how to end it for good! You will also learn about cravings and exactly how to beat them for life!

Bonus #1: Reduce alcohol Consumption - Hypnosis

This Hypnosis session is for those that want to drink less. This might be to lose weight or just to be healthier.  Want to consume less so that you can still enjoy a drink but not pay the price for two days? You can stop the cycle!

Bonus #2: Healthy Food Choices - Hypnosis

Hypnosis for making healthier food choices. We all know that daily struggle when we get hungry? Its the little decision about do I eat a piece of fruit or a candy bar that is the difference between being overweight and slim. Imagine not having to struggle with that choice day in a day out. Imagine it being easy for you?

Bonus #3: Increase Self Confidence - Hypnosis

Hypnotist Ted Bradley’s Hypnosis Power Systems – Hypnosis for Increased self Confidence will take your personal game to another level. One of my most popular products. Imagine waking up in the morning feeling good in every way and ready to take on the day. Having not only the energy but the mindset to crush it every single day. Imagine what you can accomplish!

Bonus #4: Eliminate Stress - Hypnosis

Hypnotist Ted Bradley’s Hypnosis Power Systems – Hypnosis for Eliminating Stress. In this powerful hypnosis session you will be amazed at the power of Hypnosis go have all your stress just melt away in moments. This alone has change the lives of thousand of our members!

Bonus #5: Manage Cravings - Hypnosis

Hypnotist Ted Bradley’s Hypnosis Power Systems – Hypnosis for managing cravings of any kind. With the powerful session you can eliminate any craving for good. It could be sugar, pasta or anything that is that thing you just can not resist. Well now you can!

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