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What If I Could Show You How To Lose Weight Without A Diet And Never Being Hungry? It's Easy!

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Tried every diet, every pill and not managed to lose the weight for life? Now you can with our proven weight loss program.



FOR LIFE!!!!!!


Lucy – I went to the doctor years ago weighing 225lbs and was told I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was borderline diabetic. I become upset and disgusted with myself. I was in very poor health. That all changed after I started the secret to weight loss for life. I noticed a huge difference right away. I lost weight after 24 hours and my energy came back and I was never hungry. I was shocked how I could lose weight without cravings or hunger.

Bill – I have been dealing with weight issues my whole life. It all started in grade 5 when I asked my mom to make my lunches larger. I had no idea where that was heading. The “Secret” to weight loss for life helped me lose 141 pounds years ago and I have maintained that weight loss for years now. Thank you! I could not have done it without everything I learned from this amzing program.

Tammy & Steve – Since our wedding day I and my husband have both experienced a significant weight increase, to a point where it was affecting not only our health but our marriage. We were unsuccessful in our attempts to lose the weight on our own and wee needed help. We found The “Secret” To Weight Lose For Life on line and we decided to go for it. We found the program to be incredible easy to lose weight and keep it off. We were blown away by our results. We lost over 30 pounds each and achieved our goal weight. The best part is its now been 3 years and the weight has never come back. We loved everything about the program and we recommend it to everyone. The best part is everyone that has done it has also experienced weight loss without it ever coming back. Best weight loss program ever created!

Racheal – I have hypothyroidism and have been struggling the last 7 years with constant weight gain. I was at the end of my rope with diets and was about the to throw in the towel, then my friend came over one day talking about how she had lost 45 pounds on this new weight loss trend called The “Secret” to weight loss. I went online and ordered the program. I was completely skeptical that you could lose weight without hunger and without a diet. It sound to go to be true. One year later and 52 pounds lighter I can tell you it is not only possible it was the easiest thing I have every done. The best part was it has helped my hypothyroidism regulate and my weight has now stabilized. I eat better, I love healthy food now and I am fast food free! Simply a miracle!

Dave – Since my high school graduation I have observed a steady weight gain taking place form my 1978 weight of 175 pounds to my 2014 obese self of 276 lbs. I did the obligatory lose weight than gain weight ect… 6 month later after completing The “Secret” To weight loss for life I was down 50 pounds and it feel easy and effortless. If you are looking to lose a weight and keep it off for life you will not find a better program. It is simply, easy and is just plain effective.

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That has the ability to get you to drop the pounds without every being hungry and it will crush unhealthy food cravings!

Secret #1 – Lose weight weight without being hungry! Yes this is not only possible but there are things that you can actually learn to do, to lose weight without ever being hungry. Its sounds crazy but its true!

Secret #2 – The 11 secrets to successful weight loss. Learn what are the 11 things that any successful weight loss program must have to get you to not only lose weight but keep that weight off for the rest of your life! These 11 secrets will literally change your life for ever.

Secret #3 – Successful weight loss programs are not sequential steps but buffets, Step by step programs are designed for failure. Doing a weight loss program that is aligned with how your body and mind actually works is the most important hack to overcoming weight loss failure.

Secret #4 – Learning the art of planning to overcome weight loss failure and how planning takes you from a place of difficulty losing weight to a place of weight loss becoming easy. Success is imprinted into any plan. Why? because failing to plan is literally planning for failure!

Secret #5 – The more difficult a weight loss program the more likely you are to FAIL! The key is that weight loss programs that work and last for your life, is that they are easy to do and easy to maintain. There are 5 key components that make a weight loss program easy and not hard. Get ready as they may shock you!

Secret #6 – How to crush cravings so you don’t give into unhealthy temptations. They are simply and short exercises that you can do to drive away cravings for foods like sweet deserts, salty snacks and fast food. The techniques are based on human psychology and have been used by thousands to lose weight and keep it off for life! The best part is they are easy and fun.

Secret #7 – The key to reaching your goal weight and then staying there forever is so simple it will shock you! You will learn and master the art motivational changes that support behavioral changes. You can literally motivate yourself to change your behavior and hack your own mind to not only accomplish your goal weight easily but keep that weight off for the rest of your long and healthy life!

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We promise not to send any unsolicited communications – we will send you an email with your download file but you can unsubscribe at any time. Privacy and terms

What Is This All About?

If you have been on a diet then you know they are short lived and don’t work in the long run. There are endless stories of people who lost weight to only gain it all back again. The percentage of people that lose weight and keep it off is incredible low. Ever ask yourself why do most people who lose weight on a diet gain it all back again?

Ever wonder why the weight loss industry is so huge? It’s a billion dollar industry. Want to know why people who diet try upwards of 10 diets in their lifetime and never keep all the weight off? There actually is a very simple answer: DIETS DON’T WORK! They have never worked over any extended period of time.

This is because diets create a state of mind of suffering and deprivation, how long can that be motivating for. If you truly want to be successful at losing weight and keeping it off, then The “Secret” To Weight Loss For Life is the answer.

The “Secret” To Weight Loss For Life does what a diet cannot do for you: change your unconscious mind to work with your conscious mind to change your relationship to eating and food for your entire life.

Using the proprietary methods of The “Secret” To Weight Loss For Life, we will create a state of mind were you are motivated and feel compelled to choose healthy foods, in just the right portion, that will leave you satisfied and feeling light with lots of energy.

The best part is with the extra energy by not overeating, that energy can be used to further your weight loss goals. The “Secret” To Weight Loss For Life is an all-natural weight loss solution that is a safe and healthy way to lose weight naturally. It is based on decades of helping clients change their lives for good. Plus I did the program myself, just watch the videos of my personal journey I do the unthinkable: I do my own course. How insane is that? What weight loss Guru as ever done their own course? None, they are already thin and likely it was good genetics that kept them thin their whole life. They created a course they think works. But the course doesn’t work as it is from their head. The “Secret” To Weight Loss For Life is created from my experience losing my own weight. Watch me do my course day in and day out and see the results for yourself. I literally do my own course for all to witness. 

The “Secret” To Weight Loss For Life is not a diet, in fact it has nothing to do with dieting at all. Its purely aligning your unconscious mind with your conscious goals. You will never feel hungry, you will not crave unhealthy foods and you will have full control over what you eat, when you eat, why you eat it and eating becomes fuel for your body not poison to make you fat. It utilizes three key approaches – NLP, EFT, Hypnosis and decades of experience.

We at The “Secret” To Weight Loss For Life use a multi-faceted approach combining online self learning, powerful online hypnosis, and Facebook group sessions for those that want additional support. There is very good reasons for this: the first is breaking weight loss down into the components the same why your mind brakes down your eating habits and cravings, this allows us to tackle each piece of how you consume food into manageable pieces that allow for the permanent weight loss to begin. A buffet if you will not a sequential course. We address weight loss across the ten different levels of change that are required to lose weight permanently, effortlessly and quickly.

Who Is Ted Bradley?

The “Secret” To Weight Loss For Life is 1 of 5 products brought to you be Change Expert Ted Bradley. All 5 of Ted’s product are programs he developed for himself. Ted is a former smoker who struggled with Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety and Weight Loss. Ted has overcome all 5 issues in his life and has developed these programs based on his own personal journey of discovery from being trapped and feeling like a victim to overcoming these issues and conquering them and thriving. Ted has multiple degrees and diplomas. None of this matters as all the techniques Ted uses are a direct result of two things:

 1) personal experience by overcoming the issues himself & 
2) helping thousands of others overcome these very same issues.

Ted is a very popular Speaker, Coach and Inspirational Leader

If Ted himself did not master the issue and conquer them, than he would never develop a program based on it.

"If you can not help yourself, you will never be able to fully help someone else. All Change Starts With You!"

You Can Watch Ted Do This Weight Loss Program Himself On His YouTube Channel


Yes, I need you to show me how to lose weight for life!