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Fayetteville Hypnotherapy is dedicated to helping its clients Quit Smoking, losing weight and solving personal issues.
Ted Bradly - Quit Smoking Toronto

Ted Bradley

Founder | Linguistic Programming & Advanced Hypnotherapy Specialist

Stop smoking, chewing or vaping in one session with a lifetime guarantee. We have a 95% success rate!


I will help you stop smoking using Hypnosis in just one session. Guaranteed!

Fayetteville Hypnotherapy is committed 100% to the health and wellness of our clients. The company’s sole purpose is to improve the lives of our clients by assisting them in their transition to becoming the person they always dreamed they could become.

Fayetteville Hypnotherapy was founded and created by Ted Bradley. Ted has dedicated himself to helping his clients give up their addictive habits whether it’s smoking, losing weight or dealing with other issues. Ted has a long career in the corporate world and became a very successful consultant and business coach. Ted has numerous degrees and certifications in Neuro linguistic programming and advanced hypnotherapy with a speciality in smoking cessation and weight loss.

Ted personally performs the hypnotherapy and each and every client. Ted lost two grandmothers to cancer from smoking and is a huge supporter of Cancer USA and the fight against cancer. Ted decided that after a career in business he wanted to spend the rest of his professional life helping others kick their habits and get the life they always dreamed they wanted.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing our clients put down their pack of cigarettes, lose the unwanted weight or break free from anxiety for the rest of their lives. We are solely focused on helping you get what you want. We are dedicated to your journey and we excited to be a partner with you as you change your life.

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